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Organizational Change Management Consulting

Launa Stewart LLC

Organizational Change Management Consulting


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Change is constant. We all know that. But there’s more to change than just implementing a new software system or business process on time and within budget. Too many initiatives fail because companies focus only on what’s changing, and not on the individuals the changes will affect.

It’s my job to help leaders understand how change will impact their teams and how to handle different personalities’ reactions to change; in addition to helping lead the actual execution of the change. Acting as a consultant, coach or extension of your team, I help your organization understand and appreciate the unique needs of all of your stakeholders. By focusing as much on the personalities involved as we do on the task at hand, I can help ensure your new initiative is a success.





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Areas of Practice

Mergers & Acquisitions

Protect your investment by creating a strategic vision for functional leadership to create their own strategic plans, goals, and communication plans.

Organizational Change Management

When it’s time to make big organizational changes, prioritize building a communication plan along with project plans to have a smooth transition.

Product Management

Have a successful product launch by keeping the customer needs at the forefront and avoiding the typical struggles between internal groups.

Corporate Strategy & Prioritization

Avoid playing catch-up and create a strategy that lets you make decisions about what to do – and what not to do.

Product Marketing

Make the most of your marketing budget by prioritizing what your customers care about most and really connecting.

Customer Experience Management

Stay head of your competition, gain market share, and increase loyalty by gaining a deep understanding of your customers' full experience with your company.


The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.
— Michael Porter


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