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What clients have to say about working with Launa....


Launa has a unique ability to comprehend a business problem, and the organization’s ultimate objectives, while managing the various interested parties with both sensitivity to inclusive views and gaining closure.
— Mark Schweitzer, Chief Commercial Officer - Virgin Media

Launa goes above and beyond to deliver, and provides great results in every area she sets her focus. We brought Launa in to help us align our marketing, product, sales and operational strategies, and her efforts pay off every day in how we now operate. On top of that, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to having the chance to do so again.
— Janna Bastow, Co-Founder & CEO - ProdPad and Mind the Product

You are a master at taking my crazy thoughts and putting sound structure to them. Thank you for your help driving the work for our meetings with the executive team. I never would have been able to pull it off without you.
— Amanda Forst, Director Access Services, Market Access & Reimbursement - MedImmune / Astra Zeneca

Launa is one of those people who can excel in any environment.  I have seen Launa hold her own with very technical people, senior executives and have the patience to deal very needy hand-holder types. Usually after watching her work and seeing the result I would just have to sit back and shake my head in admiration.
— Jamie Newberry, Director Product Development - Sprint

Launa is such an eager learner, readily taking the lead in harnessing new technologies and processes that were key to my team’s growth.  She thoughtfully shared new knowledge with others in a way that really helped build our team’s cohesiveness and enabling us to launch more products to market in a consistent way, helping us really stand out in the market.
— Mary Foltz, Director Business Solutions Product Management - Nextel